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Twitter strikes community chord

By: Paul Gillin on November 12, 2007

If you've been in a meeting with any of the twentysomethings in your company recently, you may have noticed they're paying more attention than usual to their cell phones.

Looking at the best-of-breed blogs

By: Paul Gillin on June 04, 2007

I typically use this column to look at future trends, but this month I want to recognize some businesses that are simply doing a great job leveraging corporate weblogs, which are the most mature social media tools.

B-to-b firmly in social media

By: Paul Gillin on April 12, 2010

Two years ago, most b-to-b marketers were pondering their first tentative steps into the blogosphere and wondering what all the fuss was about a 140-character text message called a “tweet.” Today, with Twitter and Facebook emblems sprouting up on business Web sites like dandelions in a summer field, the question has become how to maximize the value of multiple social marketing channels.