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Think beyond the brand

By: Paul Gillin on September 16, 2013

...10% of a market of millions. Which would you rather do? Paul Gillin's latest book is “Attack of the Customers: Why Critics Assault...

Dell's Tech Center as marketing asset

By: Paul Gillin on March 09, 2010

Dell Computer's Enterprise Technology Center was never meant to be a marketing vehicle, so the staff was pleasantly surprised last year to learn that the community site had touched millions of dollars' worth of new business for Dell.

Indium hot on blog portfolio

By: Paul Gillin on December 08, 2009

Blogs have become a standard way for b-to-b companies to reach constituents with specific interests, but electronics assembly materials company Indium Corp.

Trivializing influence

By: Paul Gillin on April 09, 2012

The topic of online influence has suddenly become red hot as marketers have awakened to the reality that third-party validation by peers and experts is at least as important as marketing messages in customers' decision-making.

CIOs squander social business opportunity

By: Paul Gillin on May 23, 2012

One of the great paradoxes of the revolution now being called “social business” is the near total lack of participation by the corporate group that led the last great corporate revolution.