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Lessons learned from a crisis of transposition

By: Paul Gillin on February 15, 2012

Crisis communications teaches that bad news can come from the unlikeliest of places, a lesson that b-to-b insurance provider FM Global learned in spades in December when it was briefly caught up in a global feeding frenzy triggered by, of all things, a transposition error.

Short on content? Repackage

By: Paul Gillin on October 28, 2013

If your content marketing efforts are foundering because of a lack of material, pay a visit to your local supermarket and pick up a copy of Cosmopolitan, Redbook or Woman’s Day.

Marketers 'get' social

By: Paul Gillin on April 09, 2012

For those who still believe b-to-b companies don't get social media or don't care, last year should have been a wake-up call.