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Charge Less, Be More Successful

By: Phil Johnson on July 19, 2011

Phil Johnson Did you ever stumble across a single sentence that totally focused your thinking, maybe even changed your mind? That happened to me recently...

Conditions for Success

By: Phil Johnson on November 15, 2010

Phil Johnson How's this for a challenge? People no longer place a premium value on what you do. There is a glut of competitors...

A new kind of branding

By: Phil Johnson on May 05, 2008

...imagination and delivers a promise that no one else can match. Phil Johnson is president of PJA Advertising+Marketing, Cambridge, Mass. He can be reached...

Know Your Opponent

By: Phil Johnson on June 24, 2008

Phil Johnson Nobody likes to find out that he is going into the ring against an opponent six inches taller and 100 pounds heavier. Yet...