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Death by a Thousand Tweets

By: Phil Johnson on March 27, 2009

Phil Johnson The irrational exuberance that people felt about the stock market several years ago has been replaced by near hysteria for Twitter. I once...

Steal These Ideas

By: Phil Johnson on August 03, 2009

Phil Johnson I once worked for a creative director who told me that ideas were cheap. He didn't say that they weren't valuable...

Ads That Insult Your Mother

By: Phil Johnson on July 07, 2008

Phil Johnson My grandfather, a carpenter, thoroughly enjoyed giving me business advice. At the top of his list was to never, ever discuss politics or...

Read Any Good Books Lately?

By: Phil Johnson on April 10, 2008

Phil Johnson About six months ago we launched an office blog called Scratch, where people share favorite websites, creative briefs, the video of the moment...