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Recession-Proof Your Career Now

By: Sally Hogshead on September 22, 2008

...INTO A FULL-TIME POSITION JUST BECAUSE IT'S SUPPOSEDLY "SAFER." Sally Hogshead is a renowned creative director, author and speaker on brand innovation. Her...

Radical Careering

By: Sally Hogshead on September 09, 2002

Hogshead: "You always have the power to revolutionize your career, at any stage, at any agency, in any economy." There are creatives who are thrilled...

Ideas? Remember Those?

By: Sally Hogshead on September 24, 2007

...McCann white pumps that coordinated with my Laura Ashley hair bow. Sally Hogshead is a consultant, speaker and author. Her career includes stints at Wieden...

How to Write a Weekly Column

By: Sally Hogshead on March 14, 2007

When Ad Age asked me to write a weekly column, I thought, gosh, that sounds fun, and really, now, how hard could it be if it's only 500 words apiece? Well. To demonstrate the cold splash of reality currently drenching my face, consider that I've already checked the word count of my writing so far (55).