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Places you should have been seen

By: Scott Donaton on December 19, 2005

...Festival. Full disclosure: The panel was moderated by Ad Age's Scott Donaton. But the panelists themselves-a soon-to-depart-News-Corp. Lachlan Murdoch...

Clearing the Clutter: Shutting Down Weak Magazines

By: Scott Donaton on September 03, 2006

It would be great if more magazines went out of business in the coming months. And more websites were shut down, TV shows yanked off the air, newspapers folded and radio programs unplugged. The media landscape needs to be cleared of some of its clutter.

Fifth Place Isn't Always the Worst Place to Be

By: Scott Donaton on July 30, 2007

There's never been a better time to be an also-ran. That's the thought that occurred as I read this story about the CW network's new "cwickies" ad format . It describes various innovations at the CW -- innovations of the kind broadcast's Big Four have resisted. What the piece also implies, but doesn't say directly, is that CW can do things its much-larger rivals can't because it has less to lose; it draws fewer viewers, and has fewer advertisers. But less to lose also means more to gain.