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By: Scott Donaton on July 01, 2002

Commentary by Scott Donaton Without merely seeking to justify the business expense, it bears repeating that Cannes, while in large measure a boondoggle, returns the...

Broadcast Fall Prime-Time Lineup Gives Us Reason to Believe

By: Scott Donaton on September 17, 2006

As strange as it is to admit, it's true: I'm looking forward to the fall broadcast prime-time TV season. And I don't think I'm alone. Perhaps the old box has some life in it yet. This year's crop of offerings from the Big Four networks feature higher quality programming, more original ideas and intriguing casting.

Lots of Process Monkeys, Little Substance

By: Scott Donaton on June 25, 2007

Here's what we learned at the high-powered Cannes Debate panel on agency reinvention, which I moderated during last week's International Advertising Festival: next to nothing. Here's what that means: The ad business has a bigger problem than it realizes. Because its leaders refuse to share real learnings and best practices, or to discuss the frustrations they face in reinventing their legacy businesses, there's little chance of harnessing their collective wisdom to benefit the industry.


By: Scott Donaton on July 29, 2002

Commentary by Scott Donaton A crime wave by celebrities and superstar athletes has snared the attention of law-enforcement officials -- and of marketing executives, who...

With Future House, Time Warner Proves It's Learned From the Past

By: Scott Donaton on January 22, 2007

Given the razzle-dazzle that surrounded the unveiling of Time Warner's "Home to the Future" installation -- Tony Bennett performed at an opening party for 1,000 people -- I couldn't help feeling underwhelmed as Ad Age Editor Jonah Bloom and I toured the creation. And I couldn't help thinking that was a good thing.


By: Debra Aho Williamson on October 24, 1994

...I'm not sure I see it as a price war," said Scott Kurnit, Prodigy exec VP-consumer products, marketing and development. "We took a...