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By: Scott Donaton on February 14, 2005

Commentary by Scott Donaton It's reasonable to ask the Davids -- David Carey and David Remncik, who serve as publisher and editor of The New...

Guessing Game: Why Ad Forecasts Are Meaningless

By: Scott Donaton on July 03, 2007

For many many years, Bob Coen of (what is now) Universal McCann was essentially the ad industry's forecasting guru, never mind that his predictions often had to be revisited and revised. Then others got into the fortune-telling game, and now there are at least three industry soothsayers vying for attention. And they're getting it, from the business and from the media, Ad Age included.

Welcome to Our New Web Site

By: Scott Donaton on April 09, 2006

If you've clicked through to this letter, I don't need to tell you that Advertising Age's Web site has a new look and feel; I can, however, tell you why we've made these exciting changes and how they will serve you better.