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Our Columnist Gives Thanks to Media -- and Gives 'Weeds' to You

By: Simon Dumenco on November 19, 2007

Brace yourself: In recognition of a certain upcoming holiday, I'm offering 100% sincere, snark-free thanks for some of my favorite media products of the year (so far). And you get a chance to win a copy of each one of them! All you have to do is email me. Go to my column to see what I liked and what you can win.

Now Oprah Has 1 Million Followers Too. OMG, Run For Your Lives!

By: Simon Dumenco on May 14, 2009

It's rather breathtaking to contemplate how quickly Oprah Winfrey amassed 1 million followers on Twitter. Wow, she really showed that Ashton punk, didn't she? Anyway, on this historic day, let's examine some basic truths about the TwOprah phenomenon so far, like how Oprah is bigger than God.

Media Guy's Pop Pick

By: Simon Dumenco on August 07, 2006

...but at my request the magazine has supplied a special URL so "Media Guy" readers can access the full story online free. Go to texasmonthly...