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Media Guy's Pop Pick

By: Simon Dumenco on August 07, 2006

...but at my request the magazine has supplied a special URL so "Media Guy" readers can access the full story online free. Go to texasmonthly...

Happy Avatar Day, America!

By: Simon Dumenco on December 18, 2009

...so amazingly good you have to see it twice. This week's Dumenco's Trendrr chart aims to see just how chatty the Twitterati were...

Isn't That Rich? The Times Discovers End of Gilded Age

By: Simon Dumenco on June 08, 2008

Though The New York Times' national play is based on reaching educated, affluent households across the country -- the luxury-loving country-club set -- lately it's been connecting more and more with a decidedly rough-hewn, ungilded consumer reality inspired by our tanking economy.

Hey, Would You Want Your Back Fat on the Cover of Redbook?

By: Simon Dumenco on July 30, 2007

OK, I'm going to 'fess up. While working as a magazine editor over the years, I have aided and abetted blatant magazine-image Photoshopping -- and now I've decided to humbly reflect on my complicity in glossy reality-distortion. But first I'll note that I've been inspired by the continuing kerfuffle surrounding Jezebel.com's publication of an unretouched photograph of the country singer Faith Hill for Redbook magazine's July cover.