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Just When You Thought Google Had Forgotten About Google Buzz ...

By: Simon Dumenco on April 15, 2010

Remember Google Buzz? Google's (LOLCAT!) Facebook killer? Somehow it's two months old already, and though it got tons of attention in its early days, the Buzz buzz has faded to a murmur lately. Which brings us to this week's chart -- and Google's announcement of a much-needed Buzz-sharing tool

In the Celeb-Azine Universe, Subtle Shades Of Stupidity

By: Simon Dumenco on September 05, 2005

At American Media, home of Star and The National Enquirer, the numbers have been so stinky (operating income fell 38.7% in the first quarter) that last week Standard & Poor's downgraded its $1 billion of long-term debt to "negative."