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A Celeb-Loving Mag Out of Sync With a Celeb-Loving Culture

By: Simon Dumenco on June 11, 2007

Maybe you love celebrities so much you want to be friends with them. Maybe you feel kindly toward them -- protective, even. Maybe you feel bad for them when they're abused by the media. And maybe you think that there should be a home for battered celebrities -- a sort of haven. Well, there already is, and it's for sale. Real-estate developer Peter Brant, you may have heard, is looking to get out of the celebrity-coddling business by divesting himself of Interview magazine.

Retrain Journalists to Save Biz? OK, But What About Civilians?

By: Simon Dumenco on March 02, 2009

Since there's this great unwashed profusion of (largely) undisciplined content creators out there, maybe we should be offering more/better programs to "retrain" the most talented of these civilians to be more ... journalistic. And find smarter ways to reward them for becoming/being so.

Media Guy's Pop Pick: The FCC Smackdown

By: Simon Dumenco on June 11, 2007

Last week, when a federal appeals panel struck down the Federal Communications Commission's punitive fines for "indecency violations" on TV, FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps warned against evil broadcasters viewing the decision as a "green light to send more gratuitous sex and violence into our homes." Oh, please.