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Adults Teaching Kids About Advertising? It Should Be Vice Versa

By: Simon Dumenco on October 01, 2007

Last week's announcement that a New York high school that focuses on "advertising and media studies" is set to open as soon as September 2008 has me thinking that maybe we need to update the old saying that so cruelly disparages educators: Those who can, do; those who can't, teach. In regard to Ad High, it's more along the lines of, those who can't figure out what the hell is happening to their profession hope that maybe, just maybe, something of it, somehow, is still clear enough that it can actually be taught.

Media Guy's Pop Pick: Gridskipper's 'Mad Men' Tour

By: Simon Dumenco on October 01, 2007

"Seinfeld" and "Sex and the City" have their own New York tours, so why not "Mad Men"? Gridskipper -- the excellent, insidery international travel blog edited for Gawker Media by Chris Mohney -- just launched a Google Maps mash-up called "The 'Mad Men' Guide to New York."

Media Guy's Pop Pick: 'Headless Body in Topless Bar'

By: Simon Dumenco on March 24, 2008

Even people who despise the Post will find pleasure in this merrily deranged history of recent American scandal as told in spastic pop poetry (e.g., "Wacko Jacko Backo," about a Michael Jackson comeback; "Bad Lay," about Enron chief Ken Lay's guilty verdict; "Lust in Space," about the sexcapades at NASA).

Life After Oprah: Five Things to Know, and What to Expect

By: Simon Dumenco on November 30, 2009

1. This won't be Oprah's Howard Stern moment. Given that Oprah is moving from syndicated broadcast TV to a cable network with less reach, there's been plenty of speculation that her power as a cultural force could diminish in the same way that Howard Stern's did when he moved from free radio to satellite.