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Media Guy's Pop Pick: Jossip vs. 'Us Weekly'

By: Simon Dumenco on September 18, 2006

Celebrity-tabloid magazines, for instance, rip off stories from blogs, while blogs rip off stories (and images) from celebrity-tabloid magazines. Even better, though, is when a blog sees a magazine itself, as opposed to just that mag's content, as red meat. Which is why gossip blog Jossip's recent obsession with Us Weekly has been so entertaining.

Media Guy's Pop Pick: 'Skins' 1 and 2 on DVD

By: Simon Dumenco on May 25, 2009

So another "Gossip Girl" season has wrapped. Feeling bereft? May I suggest "Skins," which airs in the U.S. on BBC America, and the second season of which has just been released on DVD?

Media Guy's Pop Pick: Microsoft's ZunePhone

By: Simon Dumenco on September 03, 2007

Yes, I'm mobile-obsessed this week. But I can't resist calling attention to this cruel and clever fake commercial for the supposed ZunePhone.

Just How Fatal Are Groupon's Fatal Flaws?

By: Simon Dumenco on August 21, 2011

Daily-deals company Groupon has lately been subject to a truly brutal media pile-on thanks to some ugly pre-IPO revelations the company just made to the SEC about its financials. But I think Groupon's problems are much more systemic -- and existential.