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Just How Fatal Are Groupon's Fatal Flaws?

By: Simon Dumenco on August 21, 2011

Daily-deals company Groupon has lately been subject to a truly brutal media pile-on thanks to some ugly pre-IPO revelations the company just made to the SEC about its financials. But I think Groupon's problems are much more systemic -- and existential.

Is the Future of TV Oprah's OWN? Streaming Netflix? Your IPad?

By: Simon Dumenco on January 05, 2011

The TV industry has been undergoing epic transformation for years now, but a number of new seismic shifts has everyone trying to figure it all out again. Oprah Winfrey's moving to cable, Netflix streams are taking off and CES is firing up the next round of devices and delivery systems. We decided to parse the latest conversation on Twitter. Who cares about what? Read on.