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Now Oprah Has 1 Million Followers Too. OMG, Run For Your Lives!

By: Simon Dumenco on May 14, 2009

It's rather breathtaking to contemplate how quickly Oprah Winfrey amassed 1 million followers on Twitter. Wow, she really showed that Ashton punk, didn't she? Anyway, on this historic day, let's examine some basic truths about the TwOprah phenomenon so far, like how Oprah is bigger than God.

What Exactly Are NBC, Alloy Getting Into With Channel One Deals?

By: Simon Dumenco on July 16, 2007

The best news in years for Channel One broke last week: It signed a content deal with NBC News. The obvious upside for Alloy is that it presumably gets to largely or entirely offload the production of its newscast while enjoying the halo effect that its association with NBC News adds. NBC, meanwhile, gets to connect with a vast, captive teen audience without having to go slumming