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How Did a Valley Girl Convince Times She Was a Ghetto Chick?

By: Simon Dumenco on March 10, 2008

On Feb. 28, my journalist friend Matt Haber e-mailed me a link to an article titled "A Refugee From Gangland" from that day's New York Times, along with a note that read, "OK, maybe I'm a cynic, but doesn't this woman's story seem a bit fantastical? Or at least a bit perfectly memoir-ish?"


By: Simon Dumenco on August 01, 2005

Commentary by Simon Dumenco You've got questions -- and, like Radio Shack and White House press secretary Scott McClellan, Media Guy's got answers

Media Guy: Celebrity Is Dead

By: Simon Dumenco on March 20, 2006

If you had told me even just a few years ago that some day one of the breakout stars on VH1 would be a fluffy white kitty -- a nameless fluffy white kitty that, for the record, is known for ostentatiously pleasuring itself -- I probably wouldn't have believed you.

Media Guy's Pop Pick: 'Comics Comics'

on June 12, 2006

Each week in this space, an uncharacteristically generous Media Guy lavishes praise on a pop-cultural gem. Comics Comics ($5 by Internet order) is a...

Media Guy's Pop Pick: AppScout.com

By: Simon Dumenco on July 16, 2007

Last week, PC Magazine elevated Lance Ulanoff to VP-content/editor in chief of the entire PC Magazine network. In addition to being the magazine's product-review czar, Ulanoff's the guy who's been behind the rapid growth of PCMag.com and its sister sites, including a favorite of mine that I'm highlighting this week: AppScout.com, a blog that offer frank assessments of software, sites and web apps.