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Staring Forward

By: Tali Krakowsky on January 19, 2010

New media is sometimes so sexy that we become infatuated. But crushes are fleeting. By Tali Krakowsky

Augmenting Reality

By: Tali Krakowsky on March 09, 2010

...craving for data – both in the form of knowledge and experience - to crawl out of the screen and into our physical spaces. By Tali Krakowsky

Happiness is a Warm Gun

By: Tali Krakowsky on November 09, 2009

...in 1968. With U.S. unemployment at its highest in 26 years, it seemed particularly relevant to contemplate the source of happiness. By Tali Krakowsky

Curating Innovation

By: Tali Krakowsky on June 15, 2009

...experience. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the whole event, but wanted to share with you just a few little highlights. By Tali Krakowsky

Mixing Media

By: Tali Krakowsky on July 15, 2009

...had to write about it. To me, mixing two or more conventional mediums can make one potentially new and potentially extraordinary piece. By Tali Krakowsky