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The Art of Sponsorship

By: Tali Krakowsky on May 18, 2009

...worlds into more entertaining, inspiring and interesting places to be in, and here are some examples of how it's been done. By Tali Krakowsky

Nocturnal Skins

By: Tali Krakowsky on December 16, 2009

The best media facades are nocturnal, plugged in, and are more interested in experience than hard or soft ware. By Tali Krakowsky

Even furniture can tell stories...

By: Tali Krakowsky on October 06, 2009

...and Fear in Contemporary Design" fantasizes, parodies, twists, turns, reflects, winks and giggles. It does it all through infusing furniture with storytelling. By Tali Krakowsky

Talking to Walls

By: Tali Krakowsky on October 13, 2009

...if we embed our social media into our spaces, we will soon be talking to walls. And that they'll be listening. By Tali Krakowsky

Curating Innovation

By: Tali Krakowsky on June 15, 2009

...experience. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the whole event, but wanted to share with you just a few little highlights. By Tali Krakowsky

Life Is Not A Billboard

By: Tali Krakowsky on November 04, 2009

...or on the street – might not be the most fun and convincing way to permeate culture and create a compelling emotional connection. By Tali Krakowsky

Augmenting Reality

By: Tali Krakowsky on March 09, 2010

...craving for data – both in the form of knowledge and experience - to crawl out of the screen and into our physical spaces. By Tali Krakowsky