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Pulsating Places

By: Tali Krakowsky on July 06, 2009

...An amazing artistic expression of these ideas is Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's Pulse Park project in New York City's Madison Square. By Tali Krakowsky

Curating Innovation

By: Tali Krakowsky on June 15, 2009

...experience. Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the whole event, but wanted to share with you just a few little highlights. By Tali Krakowsky


By: Tali Krakowsky on April 15, 2010

...dimensional and architectural; how they embody a story and invite discovery; how they surprise and fascinate; how they move and unfold – literally. By Tali Krakowsky

Augmenting Reality

By: Tali Krakowsky on March 09, 2010

...craving for data – both in the form of knowledge and experience - to crawl out of the screen and into our physical spaces. By Tali Krakowsky