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Meet the Google Five

By: Teressa Iezzi on September 24, 2010

When Google launched the Creative Lab three years ago, the announcement came with the usual side order of suspicion from ad watchers. The assumption was that Google was starting an agency that would eventually eat the lunch of its traditional rivals. It turns out Google is doing something far more diabolical: it's recruiting an army of young creative and tech talent, training them and sending them out into the industry to conquer it from within. A look at the Creative Lab's mad experiments in creative process.

Marketing-Savvy Creatives Offer More Than Punch Lines

By: Teressa Iezzi on February 12, 2007

Late last month, I sat in a room with 11 very accomplished creative directors to talk about the nature of their jobs. And since the Ad Age audience should probably be at least as interested as the Creativity audience in what the "creatives" are saying, I'll pass along some of the things I learned.