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Post-Digital Era Brings Traits of Web to Real World

By: Teressa Iezzi on May 24, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Nicholas Negroponte declared the digital revolution over in 1998, but it took adland 12 more years to rework its basic creative, technological, philosophical and procedural assumptions. Today, much of the marketing world has embraced the spirit of the digital age, and perhaps the strongest evidence is that it's doing a lot of work that's not so, well, "digital."

With Virtue, Media Brand Vice Helps Marketers Tap Its Genius

By: Teressa Iezzi on April 13, 2009

Vice, chronicler of youth culture, purveyor of the profane, is one of the more unlikely yet most convincing cases of a media brand (a real media brand, and that's an important distinction) turned brand partner.