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With Virtue, Media Brand Vice Helps Marketers Tap Its Genius

By: Teressa Iezzi on April 13, 2009

Vice, chronicler of youth culture, purveyor of the profane, is one of the more unlikely yet most convincing cases of a media brand (a real media brand, and that's an important distinction) turned brand partner.

Toyota IQ Font Wins Design Grand Prix

By: Teressa Iezzi on June 23, 2010

CANNES, France (AdAge.com) -- IQ Font, a project for Toyota from Happiness, Brussels, that brought together typography, design, advertising and technology, captured the design Grand Prix at the 57th annual Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Wednesday.

Looser Intellectual Property Rules Are Good for You and the Economy

By: Teressa Iezzi on July 16, 2007

Copyright issues grow thornier everyday in this new age of the digital remix. The same technology that's allowed your consumer to engage with your brand allowed her to get all up in everyone's IP and has spawned new genres of art. So are current copyright laws a protector of artists' rights or an enemy of artistic innovation?

Smirnoff: Love

By: Teressa Iezzi on October 21, 2005

OK, the spot actually launched last week, but this new interactive TV effort from JWT/London has other attributes that propel it past such temporal nitpicking and into the position of our inaugural Pick of the (more or less) Week.

Need to Move Some Simian Statuary? Get Your Video on eBay

By: Teressa Iezzi on May 07, 2007

Like everything else, the process of selling useful items -- and monkey statues -- is getting somewhat more entertaining as video comes to eBay. The site is "encouraging" its members to use video on their auction-listing pages -- and directing them to link to YouTube, Google, MySpace, Microsoft and AOL (i.e., sellers are "discouraged" from embedding video for now). EBay worked with CAA on this and other entertainment-based projects that will roll out in the coming months.