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Ford's Bold Move on the Web? Let America See It as Underdog

By: Teressa Iezzi on July 16, 2006

In a new online component of its Bold Moves campaign (fordboldmoves.com), Ford is promising a warts-and-all look at its own creative process. A documentary crew led by "Monster" directors Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky theoretically will capture the inner workings of Ford's reinvention -- or slow, painful demise. That Ford is even undertaking this kind of exercise in open-door marketing is the amazing and instructive thing here.

With New Game, Shark Week Campaign Evolves Into Killer App

By: Teressa Iezzi on August 13, 2007

What it is about Shark Week? The Discovery staple just celebrated its 20th anniversary and enjoyed some of its highest ratings ever. Sure, there are harder things to sell than primal fear, but the channel has had a deft hand with the marketing of the franchise and has successfully made Shark Week a cultural event.