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Creativity Agency of the Year: Mother

By: Teressa Iezzi on January 25, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In the past year, Mother expanded the already broad range of work coming out of its Bond Street headquarters, it added new and interesting clients while maintaining relationships with the big brands that have been attracted to the shop's nimble nature and idea-driven approach, and it added some interesting talent, including one bona fide digital heavyweight.

A More-Targeted World Isn't Necessarily a More Civilized One

By: Teressa Iezzi on January 29, 2007

I heard a media expert say this on a panel a while back: "If I'm a dog-food maker I am now able to send my commercial messages only to dog owners." I guess that spells good news for the makers of dog food and addressable media technology. But the statement also sends a little shiver up my spine as it hints at an increasingly alarming media and cultural trend -- the narrowing of the collective mind.