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KFC Branded Fire Hydrants Could Be a Wing-Wing Situation for Buffalo

By: Thomas Pardee on September 15, 2010

Earlier this year, The Company Formerly Known As Kentucky Fried Chicken -- which, incidentally, is the world's most popular chicken-wing marketer -- launched a public/private partnership with several cash-strapped U.S. cities that would emblazon the KFC logo and that of its "Fiery Grilled Wings" across fire hydrants and fire extinguishers all over the city, to be used only in case of emergency or for dinner inspiration. (This, from the same marketer that brought residents of four U.S. cities the, ahem, groundbreaking reality of branded pot-hole fillings in 2009.)

Doritos Gets Jump On Pre-Super Bowl Web Video Buzz

By: Thomas Pardee on February 03, 2011

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- While many big marketers are keeping fingers crossed for viral buzz to follow their Super Bowl spots, which will air Sunday before an estimated 100 million eager viewers, a few brands are getting a head start in the viral video space -- one with big payoffs.