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Small Agency of the Year, 1-10 Employees: Sub Rosa

By: Thomas Pardee on July 26, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Michael Ventura, CEO and chief creative officer of the New York-based Sub Rosa, says the agency focuses on helping brands build narratives and make connections, regardless of the method.

More Razzie-esque Awards Honor the Worst in Advertising

By: Thomas Pardee on September 21, 2010

In the (often mean) spirit of Web 2.0, opportunities to publicly ridicule crappy advertising are growing more abundant by the year. Consumerist.com jumps into the fray; Crowell Advertising is back for more.

Marketers Convene at BlogHer Annual Convention

By: Thomas Pardee on August 10, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- This year's BlogHer convention featured more than 100 sponsors and upward of 2,400 registered attendees, a record for the conference, now in its sixth year. Event organizers say this is reflective of a growing understanding by marketers of how women are making brand decisions for themselves, their families and -- increasingly -- their audiences.

Survey: Teen Texting Reaching Critical Mass

By: Thomas Pardee on September 08, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- A recent survey conducted by the free mobile text messaging app textPlus shows that teens not only are habitually text messaging with parents and friends in class, but most of them don't even feel guilty about it.