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Hiring the Right Clients

By: Tom Martin on July 02, 2008

Tom Martin I have long believed that having the right clients and doing the right kind of work for those clients determines an agency's...

Learn the Art of Seduction

By: Tom Martin on April 12, 2010

Tom Martin Do you like it when people pay attention to you? When they seem to be giving you their undivided attention, laughing at your...

Who Is Your Christopher Columbus?

By: Tom Martin on June 12, 2008

Tom Martin Advertising agencies -- and their clients for that matter -- need to be willing to fund explorers. Explorers with big ideas and strong egos to...

Tell Me What Sucks

By: Tom Martin on March 25, 2008

Tom Martin About a year ago, we were hiring a copywriter and we had a really good guy in from Phoenix. He's sitting in...