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Chinese Automakers Are Too Ambitious

By: Yang Jian on June 02, 2010

...in China's auto industry these days is capacity expansion, but some Chinese automakers are going too far, says Yang Jian at Automotive News China.

Is Geely Starting a Trend?

By: Yang Jian on November 11, 2009

...brands are disappearing fast, and that's a good thing, says Yang Jian of Automotive News China. Once Detroit lands on its feet, Chinese companies...

Is China Ready for Electric Vehicles?

By: Yang Jian on April 28, 2010

...show, it's easy to believe China's car industry will soon go electric. Don't, warns Yang Jian, the editor of Auto News China.

Beijing Should Listen to Private Automakers

By: Yang Jian on June 09, 2010

...have been repeatedly ignored by the Chinese government when it comes to the formulation of important industry policies, says Yang Jian of Automotive News China.

Toyota Must Protect Its Image in China

By: Yang Jian on March 03, 2010

...grip on quality control in China, says Automotive News China Editor Yang Jian, while Chinese car companies should learn from the crisis facing Japan's...