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Chinese Car Makers Are Turning Out Too Many Brands

By: Yang Jian on May 13, 2009

Local car makers like Chery Automobile Co. and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. should abandon their multi-brand strategy, which will undermine their already low brand recognition, and learn about brand-building from Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.

China's Automakers Find Warmer Welcome in Emerging Markets

By: Yang Jian on October 25, 2011

Chinese automakers such as Geely and Chery, enjoying a warmer welcome in emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia than in China, are racing to build new plants overseas. Perhaps the cheekiest is Lifan Industry Group Co., a tiny player that now manufactures in Iran, Russia and Uruguay.

Can Tengzhong Save Hummer?

By: Yang Jian on June 10, 2009

...be hard for Tengzhong, a little-known Chinese company, to rescue the troubled Hummer brand, warns Yang Jian, the managing editor of Automotive News China.