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New! Hispanic Fact Pack 2015

Advertising Age's Annual Guide to Hispanic Marketing and Media

By Advertising Age's Datacenter
40 pages
August 3rd, 2015

CMO's Guide to Managing Content

How to Navigate the Current 'Wild West' Era of Marketing Strategy and Production

By Meredith Derby Berg
18 pages
July 20th, 2015

Viewability Summit

Ad Age brought together agency, media and ad tech execs to discuss how digital advertising can move forward

By Ann Marie Kerwin
20 pages
June 16th, 2015

Video 2015: Buying Across Platforms

Your Guide to the Broadcast, Cable, Digital and Mobile Ad Markets

By Beth Snyder Bulik
24 pages
March 30th, 2015

2015 Marketing Fact Pack

Annual guide to marketers, media and agencies

By Datacenter
20 pages
December 28th, 2014

Automotive Marketing

Ad spending facts. What's driving social media, search and mobile.

By Julie Liesse
20 pages
October 12th, 2014

Omnichannel Retail

Strategies for a better customer experience

By Meredith Derby Berg
24 pages
September 15th, 2014

Hispanic Fact Pack 2014

Advertising Age's Annual Guide to Hispanic Marketing and Media

By Advertising Age's DataCenter
44 pages
July 27th, 2014

Mobile Marketing That Works

Strategies and Solutions from Real Marketers' Case Studies

By Lisa Terry
18 pages
June 30th, 2014

B-To-B Marketing Fact Pack

Spending Trends, Leading Marketer Profiles, Leading B-to-B Agency Profiles

By Ad Age Staff
36 pages
May 19th, 2014

New School Video

How To Be Effective and Efficient with Video Production in a Content Marketing World

By Beth Snyder Bulik
20 pages
April 7th, 2014

Creativity Reimagined

Seven Trends Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers

By Kevin Ritchie
23 pages
February 26th, 2014

Short Form Video

What Marketers Need to Know About Vine, Instagram and Social Video Sharing

By Beth Snyder Bulik
21 pages
January 27th, 2014

2014 Marketing Fact Pack

Annual guide to marketers, media and agencies

By DataCenter
36 pages
December 29th, 2013

Social Media Advertising

The Perils, Promise, Practice and Overwhelming Success of Paid Advertising on Social Networks

By Kathryn Koegel
35 Pages
November 18th, 2013

BtoB's 2013 Email Marketing

An Established Channel Evolves

By BtoB Intelligence Center
51 pages
November 18th, 2013

BtoB's 2013 Lead Generation

Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead-Gen Campaigns

By BtoB Intelligence Center
56 Pages
November 18th, 2013

BtoB's 2013 Marketing Automation

Best Practices for the Management of B2B Digital Marketing Campaigns

By BtoB Intelligence Center
50 Pages
November 18th, 2013

Retail Marketing

Ad spending strategies. How Google and Amazon are changing the retailing game. Why email (for now) trumps social media.

By Beth Snyder Bulik
20 pages
September 30th, 2013

How to Make Credible Green Marketing Claims

What Marketers Need to Know about the Updated FTC Green Guides

By Jacquelyn A. Ottman and David G. Mallen
48 pages
September 16th, 2013

Mobile Fact Pack 2013

A Guide to Mobile Marketing

By Ad Age Data Center
28 pages
August 19th, 2013

Smart Marketing Using Big Data

What Marketers and Agencies Need to Know

By Lisa Terry
32 Pages
July 29th, 2013

Hispanic Fact Pack 2013

Advertising Age's Annual Guide to Hispanic Marketing and Media

By Ad Age Data Center
44 pages
July 22nd, 2013

Going Native: Content Marketing Strategies

How to turn brands into storytellers

By Beth Snyder Bulik
24 pages, Power Point slides
July 10th, 2013

How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy

Best practices for social media management

By Keith Quesenberry and Michael Coolsen, Ph.D.
27 pages, Power Point slides
May 20th, 2013

How to Unlock Your Agency's Creative Code

Rules for managing and improving your advertising agency's creative product. Creative Agency Management, How to Shape Your Agency's Creative Identity, ad agency management

By Mark Stuhlfaut, Ph. D and Kasey Windels, Ph. D.
20 pages
May 20th, 2013

Affluence in America: The Next Generation

Which millennials are already luxury consumers, and which ones will be living large in the next decade?

By Emma Johnson
28 pages, Power Point slides
December 10th, 2012

Building Brands Online 2012

How digital is changing the way all media are bought and sold

By Kathryn Koegel and Evan Neufeld
50 pages; Power Point slides
October 29th, 2012

Financial Services Marketing

Biggest Ad Spenders. When TV Ads Wear Out. Market Share. Product Innovation. Banking on the Web.

By Ad Age DataCenter
20 pages
October 8th, 2012

Mobile Fact Pack 2012

Market, media, demographics and agencies

By Ad Age Data Center
28 pages
August 20th, 2012

Smart from the Start: How to Grow Your Small Agency

Is your small agency starting to outgrow its original framework? Here's how to move to the next level, with advice on managing talent, clients, revenue, partnerships and culture.

By Beth Snyder Bulik
20 pages
July 22nd, 2012

Hispanic Fact Pack 2012

Ad Age's ninth annual guide to Hispanic marketing and media

By Ad Age's Data Center
52 pages
July 22nd, 2012

Dudes to Dads: U.S. Men's Attitudes Toward Life, Family, Work

How cultural, economic and societal shifts are affecting how men approach home, career and leisure time, and what that means for marketing to them.

By Lisa Terry
40 pages, PowerPoint slides
July 8th, 2012

The Cultural Connection

How Hispanic Identity Influences Millennials

By Beth Snyder Bulik
24 pages, Power Point slides
May 13th, 2012

Managing Your Brand's Social Life

Strategies for Social Media Platforms, Organizing Your Team And What to Measure

By Jenna Schnuer
24 pages, Power Point slides
April 23rd, 2012

Cross-Generational Healthcare

How to Communicate with Boomers, Gen-X and Gen-Y About Their Healthcare Choices

By David Hirschman
24 pages, Power Point slides
March 25th, 2012

Facebook 101: Are You Worth a Like?

Lessons on how to create compelling and fan-earning campaigns on the world's most popular social media platform

By the editors of Creativity
35 pages
January 18th, 2012

Mobile Marketing Volume 4: M-Commerce

Is it a phone, a wallet or a mall? Mobile phones and tablets make it easier for consumers to research and buy. Learn who's already buying, how consumers want to buy and why your website needs to be ready for mobile.

By Kathryn Koegel
28 pages, PowerPoint slides
November 28th, 2011

Shopper Marketing: The Series

Shopper marketing is a complex undertaking. This four-part series explores how companies that do it best are practicing it, and what you can learn from their successes.

4 issues
November 21st, 2011

Always On Women

A survey of how women are really using technology today, from laptops to mobile, in collaboration with JWT. Download slides by clicking the AdAge.com/whitepapers link on Page 2.

By Beth Snyder Bulik
18 pages, Power Point slides
November 14th, 2011

2011 Creativity Awards Report

Learn the ideas and thinking behind this year's most winning work. This report also includes video links and the Winners List, complete rankings for most award winning agencies, creatives, directors, production companies and more.

By the editors of Creativity
48 pages
October 31st, 2011

Shopper Marketing Volume 4: Plans That Work

How do you craft insightful, effective shopper marketing campaigns? Here are five successful case studies from Kimberly-Clark, Con Agra, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Frito-Lay

By Lisa Terry
16 pages
October 24th, 2011

Pharmaceutical Marketing

This white paper, produced with partner Kantar Media, examines the state of pharma marketing today, how digital information and social-media channels are changing the landscape, the still-evolving regulatory enivronment, the maturing of blockbuster drugs and the opportunities all of that brings.

By Beth Snyder Bulik
18 pages
October 17th, 2011

Mobile Marketing: The Series

Mobile devices are disrupting all kinds of consumer behavior. This four-part series gives marketers clear explanations of how to use mobile to your best advantage.

By Kathryn Koegel
4 issues; Power Point Slides
October 2nd, 2011

The Creativity Report: The Series

A quarterly series of creative briefs that explores the most notable and break-through ideas and campaigns. Subscribe here to receive all four in 2011.

By the editors of Creativity
4 issues
October 2nd, 2011

The Evolution of Facebook Brand Fans

How and Why Users in Six Countries Choose to Interact with Brands on Facebook

By Greg Lindsay
24 pages; PowerPoint slides
September 19th, 2011

Mobile Marketing Volume 3: Metrics

Everything from couponing to commerce is transitioning to mobile, and marketers need data on usage and ad performance. Here's where to start.

By Kathryn Koegel
42 pages
August 22nd, 2011

The Creativity Report Volume 2: Getting Great Work

The Eight Habits of Highly Creative (And Effective) Marketers

By Editors of Creativity
22 pages
August 8th, 2011

Hispanic Fact Pack 2011

Ad Age's eighth annual Hispanic Fact Pack includes data on marketers, advertisers, media, demographics and agencies in the U.S. Hispanic market. Includes Ad Age's extensive ranking of Top U.S. Hispanic Media Agencies.

By Ad Age Data Center
60 pages
July 25th, 2011

Shopper Marketing Volume 3: Neuroscience

Eye tracking, biometrics and facial coding are all being used by marketers to figure out what motivates shoppers. Here's what you need to know about neuromarketing.

By Lisa Terry
19 pages
July 25th, 2011

The New Wave of Affluence

Five tiers of affluent households identified, along with which demographic is on its way to the rich life, and why it's time to abandon the idea of mass affluence.

By David Hirschman
24 pages; Power Point Slides
May 23rd, 2011

Mobile Marketing Volume 2: Couponing

How mobile devices and new promotional opportunities are creating consumer excitement and a whole range of new behaviors around couponing.

By Kathryn Koegel
28 pages, Power Point Slides
May 9th, 2011

Shopper Marketing Volume 2: Search, Social, Mobile

The sequential steps along the path to purchase -- awareness, engagement, discovery, investigation, selection -- have been disrupted by mobile. What works now?

By Ken Schept
18 pages; Power Point Slides
April 18th, 2011

50 and Up: What's Next?

The generation that defined youth marketing for Madison Avenue is readying for retirement. Here’s what they’re thinking, where they're spending their money and what marketers should know in order to reach them. Data from AARP's Baby Boomers Envision Retirement Survey, GfK MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer and Ad Age's MarketFinder.

By Marissa Miley
20 pages
April 4th, 2011

The Creativity Report Volume 1: Technology Transforming Creativity

An in-depth examination of tech talent in the creative process, as well as case studies of great campaigns.

By the editors of Creativity
16 pages; Video
March 28th, 2011

What You Need to Know About Mobile Marketing 2011

A primer on mobile marketing in the U.S., benchmarks, best practices, glossary of mobile marketing terms. Power Point slides included.

By Kathryn Koegel
38 pages; Power Point Slides
March 14th, 2011

Mobile Marketing Volume 1: Location

How location-based services and GPS-enabled apps on mobile devices are changing the way retailers and marketers are connecting with their best customers.

By Kathryn Koegel
28 pages; PowerPoint Slides
February 28th, 2011

The Economics of Online Video 2011

Online video and TV content are set to converge on a range of platforms, from Hulu to Google TV. An Ad Age Insights white paper on the contenders for consumers' attention and marketers' dollars.

By Laura Rich
28 pages; PowerPoint Slides
February 14th, 2011

Shopper Marketing Volume 1: Partners

Getting the relationships between marketers, retailers and advertising agencies right in order to best structure shopper marketing practices.

By Ken Schept
16 pages
January 10th, 2011

Building Brands Online

Building Brands Online white paper, Interactive Branding: Best Practices in a Direct Response Driven Media

By Kathryn Koegel
28 pages
October 10th, 2010

What small and midsize businesses need to know about marketing: Your questions answered

Advice for small and midsize business owners on determining marketing ROI, social media, agency compensation and setting budgets from Ad Age Insights and Small Agency Diary contributors.

14 pages; Registration required
July 12th, 2010

The Reality of the Working Woman

With research partner JWT, and Ad Age Insights survey on attitudes of today's working women.

By Mya Frazier
28 pages
June 6th, 2010

Shiny New Things

What Digital Adopters Want, How to Reach Them, and Why Every Marketer Should Pay Attention

By Laura Rich
20 pages
March 15th, 2010

The New Female Consumer: The Rise of the Real Mom

Still targeting 'Supermom'? For younger generations of mothers, having it all doesn't mean doing it all.

By Marissa Miley and Ann Mack
28 pages
November 16th, 2009

How Commercial Ratings Changed the $70 Billion TV Market

Commercial ratings became the currency of the $70 billion national TV market, replacing 65 years of program ratings.

By Claire Atkinson
12 pages
October 13th, 2008