Silestone - Diana Pearl

February 06, 2005 | :30

If the target was middle-aged women -- the product is quartz bath and counter tops -- it might be hard to understand why the Super Bowl was the right buy for Silestone. Likewise, why were the 1985 Chicago Bears the celebs in this ad? But the "To Tell the Truth" setup -- Jim McMahon, Mike Ditka and Refrigerator Perry all claiming to be Diana Pearl -- paid off with Dennis Rodman in a bubble bath, making the same claim just as truthfully. (Diana Pearl is a color, one of many that Silestone offers to "let you bring your inner self to the surface.")

And given the millions of women who watch the Super Bowl, to say nothing of contractors of either gender, maybe the brand made a smarter calculation than it seemed at first.

In any event, it goes in the books as one of the least obvious Super Bowl advertisers, and it did not return. The ‘85 Bears, though, would be back in the Super Bowl ad roster in 2010, when they reprised the “Super Bowl Shuffle” for Boost Mobile ("Boost Mobile Shuffle").

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  • BrandSilestone
  • Year2005
  • AgencyFreed Advertising
  • Superbowl #XXXIX
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