Integrum wins Social Media Campaign of the Year, silver, suppliers/vendors/pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards 2023

By Gillian Follett. Published on November 13, 2023.

Patients living with the implants shared their stories on social media. Credit: Integrum

With more consumers than ever looking to online peers to guide their purchasing decisions, a compelling brand ambassador is one of the most powerful tools at a social media marketer’s disposal. Integrum, the bone-anchored prostheses provider, took full advantage of that fact for its #myOPRAjourney social media campaign.


Integrum and health care marketing agency Smarty Social Media focused the campaign—which sought to drive awareness of the company’s OPRA implant system among prospective patients—on the stories of several existing patients living with the implants. The campaign earned silver for Social Media Campaign of the Year among suppliers, vendors and pharmaceutical companies in the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards 2023.


Starting in April, the designated Limb Loss Awareness Month, Integrum highlighted a series of posts from its “OPRA ambassador” Gini Thomas, who discussed her experience with her prosthetic implant and educated her followers about the company. Integrum also recruited several other patients to describe their respective “OPRA journeys” in testimonial videos on Instagram.

Credit: Integrum

To bolster these storytelling-focused videos, Integrum simultaneously launched a paid social campaign to further boost brand awareness among potential patients. These combined efforts helped Integrum imbue a sense of humanity into its previously less personal Instagram presence.

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