The joy of too much Bonnie

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Bonnie Fuller, American Media's editorial director, has attracted more attention than just about any other glossy magazine editor. To call her a polarizing figure would be an understatement. Portrayed on the media blogs as a dragon-lady editor with little loyalty to the companies that hire her to juice up circulation, Bonnie has even spawned an online community known as I Survived Bonnie, a group of 479 former employees who lived through her "reign of terror."

Now she's out promoting her book with the slightly unwieldy title, "The Joys of Much Too Much: Go For the Big Life-The Great Career, The Perfect Guy, and Everything Else You've Ever Wanted." The book starts off slamming the "immaculate, very sparse white covers of some of the newest entries in the magazine field ... that tell you how to simplify your life." Simplifying for Bonnie is a quick route to a noninvolved life. The apparent lesson of the book: Jump into the deep end and swim as hard as you can, and if you start drowning, swim faster.

She was once quoted as saying she didn't understand why people didn't like her. And in the introduction she makes it clear she's not one for introspection, repeatedly declaring things like "I don't think I'll be lying there on my deathbed thinking, 'I wish I'd gone on more meditation weekends,"' and "I'm not the kind of person who yearns to go to an ashram for a week." She extorts her reader to block out negative thoughts and to just plunge right into action. The secret to Bonnie's success? Not hearing the bad stuff people say about you.
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