The Internet Lampoons Time's Virtual Reality Cover

Image of a Floating Palmer Luckey Sparks Conversation and Parody

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The internet couldn't resist remixing Time's magazine cover featuring Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey in the midst of a virtual reality experience.

The Aug. 17 cover features Mr. Luckey levitating on what looks like a beach with the cover line, "The Surprising Joy of Virtual Reality and Why It's About to Change the World."

The Time cover featuring Palmer Luckey
The Time cover featuring Palmer Luckey

Reactions have been mixed, with some praising the image and others mocking it. On the mocking side, a headline from IT industry mag The Register read, "Moronic Time cover sets back virtual reality another 12 months" and one from Refinery29 read, "TIME's Tone-Deaf Cover Reinforces All The Wrong Silicon Valley Stereotypes."

Of course, the internet saw an opportunity to recontextualize the image. Below are some of its offerings.

A virtual romance:

Why not wear your VR goggles on the train?

The internet, pizza and the Time cover meet in a weird collage:

A Guy Fieri virtual reality nightmare:

Paula Dean is your virtual reality spiritguide atop a stick of unsalted butter:

A tiny Palmer Luckey performs a daring feat:

Things got weird, with someone combining Google's psychedelic AI art with Mr. Luckey's image:

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