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"Overall, it was not the revelatory epiphany we thought it would be."

-- Chris Fehrnstrom, VP-marketing for sparkling wines at Domain Chandon, on the results of hypnotizing a focus group to learn their experiences and feelings about the first time they drank champagne or sparkling wines.

"The good news is that the brand has been around a long time and has wide distribution. The bad news is that the brand has been around a long time and has wide distribution."

-- Jet Hollander, president of consultancy Pre-Eminence Strategic Group, on Callard & Bowser-Suchard's plans to move gourmet candy La Vosgienne from specialty stores to mass merchandisers.

"It's crazy. One person here has been saying, `What, they're going to lose two incredible brand names and come up with Lipschitz Media?' "

-- An insider at Western Initiative Media Worldwide, on Interpublic Group of Cos. media buying giant's plan to change its name. The agency was formed early in 1999 by the merger of Western International Media and Initiative Media Worldwide.

"An overactive bladder can be an accident waiting to happen."

-- Tagline of campaign created by Rubin Ehrenthal & Associates, New York, backing Ditropan XL, Alza Corp.'s Rx medication for overactive bladders.

"It was a great device, and consumers definitely connected it with Baskin-Robbins. But we wanted to focus on the message and not have consumers thinking why the heck is the spoon talking."

-- Kathy Pera, director-market research at Baskin-Robbins, on the disappearance of its pitch-utensil in its 1999 advertising campaign.

"They're not going to show that crap I saw? I'm glad to hear that."

-- West Coast beer wholesaler after preview of proposed new Miller Genuine Draft spots. The brewer ended up killing the campaign before it made it to TV.

"We don't want to be seen as a sin industry."

-- John DeLuca, president of the Wine Institute, regarding governmental moves to require health warnings in alcoholic beverage ads.

"The days of just sticking the Olympic rings on products and calling it the `Olympic widget' are over."

-- Michael Payne, director of marketing at the International Olympic Committee, on the IOC's desire to get more involved with how Olympic sponsors use the Games in their marketing.

"We don't want to be `e-too.' "

-- A person close to Microsoft Corp.'s brand campaign from McCann-Erickson/A&L, on the decision not to emphasize the "e-business" concept.

Millennial moment:

You won't soon get another opportunity like this:

Weight loss "is really a life-changing enhancement, an opportunity to take control in a '90s, new millennium sort of way."

-- Les Koll, senior VP-marketing at Jenny Craig.

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