2002 AICE AWARDS Finalists

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The Association of Independent Creative Editors has announced the finalists for its second annual AICE Awards. The awards show, established last year to recognize the key role of great editing in the commercials making process, will be held November 14 in L.A., followed by a New York event on November 21. The finalists, listed by client/spot title/agency/editor and editing house:

Bud Light/ "Falconer"/Fusion Idea Lab/Livio Sanchez, The Whitehouse; Computer Associates/"Amnesia"/Y&R/David Cornman, Blue Rock Editing Co.; Snickers/"Telemarketer"/BBDO/J.J. Lask, PS 260; IBM/"Axe"/O&M/Dave Bradley, Go Robot; IBM/"Heist"/O&M/Adam Liebowitz, Go Robot; United Airlines/"Family"/Fallon/Jack Douglas, Crew Cuts West; Gatorade/"Defining Mia"/Element 79/Paul Norling, Filmcore L.A.; Target/"Symbols: Woman"/Peterson Milla Hooks/Chris Hafner, Brass Knuckles; Yahoo!/"Critters"/Black Rocket/Bob Frisk, Phoenix Editorial; AT&T Wireless/"Belly Button"/O&M/Mike Elliot, Mad River Post N.Y.; I Love N.Y./"New Day"/The Wolf Group/Anthony Marinelli, Steal Rose Editorial; TIAA Cref/"Anthem"/O&M/Tim Cahill, 89 Editorial; Gatorade/"Bleed"/FCB Chi./Craig Lewandowski, Optimus; Hewlett Packard/"Coffee Table"/Goodby, Silverstein/Hank Corwin, Lost Planet; Nike/"Off Road"/Wieden + Kennedy/Kirk Baxter, Final Cut; EDS/"Paris" "Suki", "Manhattan"/Fallon/Jonathan Del Gatto, Terminal; FedEx/"She Wore White", "Hogan's Heros", "Bocce Ball"/BBDO/Emily Dennis, Mad River Post N.Y.; Fox Sports/"Nailgun," "Boat," "Leaf Blower"/TBWA Chiat Day/Paul Martinez, Hank Corwin, Lost Planet; N.Y. Miracle/"Deli," "Skating," "Turkey"/BBDO/Clayton Hemmert, Crew Cuts; Mini USA/"Bull Dog"/Crispin Porter + Bogusky/Paul Kelly, 89 Editorial; UPMC/"Rehab"/Marc Advertising/Greg Letson, Red Car N.Y.; Feeding Children Better/"Ketchup Soup"/BBH/Adam Liebowitz, Go Robot; G.E./"Journey"/BBDO/Sherri Margulies, Crew Cuts; Nike/"Move"/Wieden + Kennedy/Adam Pertofsky, Rock Paper Scissors; Gatorade Propel/"Drip"/ Element 79/David Brixton, The Whitehouse; Landrover/"Orbit"/GSD&M/Steve MacCorkle, Mad River Post N.Y.; Mercedes-Benz/"Reincarnation"/Merkley Newman Harty/Kirk Baxter, Final Cut; Target/"Jump"/Chris Hafner, Brass Knuckles Editorial.

For more info see www.aice.org.

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