Beautiful Dreamer

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Mike Goedecke, president and exec CD at Santa Monica broadcast design shop Belief, has a fine-art division called Belief EXP, which has already released two far-out industrywide collaborations, in an "Untitled" series. But his latest "Untitled" effort, Embryo, veers off in a new direction. It's called a "collaborative experimental short," but this 30-minute hi-def video, directed and co-written by Goedecke, could be the pilot for a series on the Sci-Fi Channel or, say, Fox - and it would be a damn sight better than most of their programming. The plot in a nutshell: a man finds a dream machine that falls out of the sky in a crate. It allows him, and us, to experience the dreams of those who put on special headgear - dreamscapes, as they're called (a frame from one is seen here), supplied by assorted motion design companies and colleagues. So what's up with the sudden turn to mainstream coolness? Besides "taking a break from the grind and being creative, we wanted to show that Belief can write and direct live-action material and keep an audience entertained with a story - and at the same time we wanted to continue the experimental and collaborative nature of past 'Untitled' projects," explains Goedecke. In a five-week production, "everyone on the film donated their time and worked for free. I'm very pleased with the results, especially given the fact there was no budget. In terms of making this into a TV show, I think there is definitely something there, where the machine could be sent to different people every week - though I know anthologies are hard to sell." See for more info.
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