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Producers always want the same kind of actor, regardless of the product, says casting agent-turned-director Robert B. Martin. "He's gotta be hip, he's gotta be sexy, and most of all, he's gotta be cool." That explains the title of Martin's new feature, Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool - a comedic romp through the world of commercials casting that snagged the Audience Choice Award at the Nodance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, last month. Written by Martin's business partner, Aaron Priest, the 78-minute film focuses on The Monkey Brothers, a goofy casting team, played by Martin and Priest, and their big break: the chance to cast an "exotic product" spot - Salsa Gusto - with a hotshot director known as Elan, played by real-life director Marc Chiat (seen above, in character). Despite the presence of the grown-up Danica McKellar, formerly the divine Winnie from The Wonder Years, Chiat steals the show as the comatose Elan - a Game Boy addict who relies on his assistants for everything, because he's "too busy" to do any work. With this very promising on-camera debut, is Chiat considering an acting career? "Uh, I'm really kind of busy," he says.
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