Creatives With a Cause

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When American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, a delegation from Austin agency GSD&M was in nearby Annapolis for a meeting with Land Rover, one of the shop's clients. The team - which included agency president Roy Spence and creative directors Jeremy Postaer and David Crawford - were compelled to take some sort of meaningful action. "I got on the phone to our producers," says Spence, "with the idea to get directors and producers from all over the country to go out and film people from all walks of life saying just one line: `I am an American.' " Arriving home following the attacks, the agency recruited several production houses to donate their time to the project, including Believe Media in L.A., Rock House Films in Dallas, and Maysles Films in New York. Executive producer Jack Turney and director Charlie Carlson of Compulsive Pictures filmed all day in New York a week after the attacks, despite a temporary ban on film permits. The crew of a dozen interviewed some 50 people they met in Brooklyn, the Financial District, and around the vigils at Union Square. "We were exhausted at the end of the day, and it wasn't from walking around," Turney says. "But it felt really good to do something that was appropriate to what we do." The spot was donated to the Ad Council and began airing just 10 days after the attacks. "We just decided that this would be a powerful way to show that this is a country united in its diversity," Spence says."
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