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Sony's new 24P CineAlta hi-def digital video production system got a big ad boost last month at New York's Museum of Modern Art, with the presentation of Dreams: nine short 24P-made films by commercials directors, presented by Sony and Y&R/New York. Included was a rollicking ride through the subconscious, by Peggy Sirota; an exploration of how blind people dream, by Chuck & Clay; Bob Giraldi's chilling portrayal of a family's loss in the WTC disaster; a sleeping girl's travel fantasy, by Jordan Scott; a myth re-enacted in an empty Grand Central Terminal, by Simon Blake; an end-of-the-world auction, by Bruce Dowad, a tale of slavish devotion, by Frank Todaro; and Tony Kaye as Osama bin Laden. Yes, the reliably eccentric Kaye's entry was about 30 seconds of himself in bed, wildly snoring, done up as the world's reigning villain. The audience was mostly silent, save for some nervous laughter. Some were offended. Not so much by the bin Laden reference but by Kaye's obvious lack of effort. "It was just a spontaneous thing I did because it amused me," he explains. "I imagined that other people would do more serious, trying-hard things, and I thought sticking some stupid piece of shit in the middle of all of it would make people laugh. So I did it to avoid pretension at all costs." Pretentious or not, Kaye has been working somewhat steadily in commercials lately, partly because he's currently self-financing a feature, titled Lobby Lobster, that has him in "much financial distress." Adds the always candid Kaye, "I would shoot a baked bean on a plate if somebody asked me to."
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