Drive, She Said

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The Merkley Newman Harty creative team of Dawn McCarthy and Laura Fegley have a problem: success. They work on Mercedes, and they'd done spots earlier with male partners, then they got together, first for "Reincarnation," then the recent "Life in the E-Class" (both worthy of Creativity's Work coverage and both viewable at But, as McCarthy notes, she and Fegley "noticed an interesting phenomenon. We found ourselves making heads turn. As much as we'd like to think that this was due to our overwhelming beauty, it was actually due to the presence of two sets of ovaries on a car shoot. Everyone assumed we were account people, producers maybe, but never creatives. We were asked on more than one occasion when the creatives would be arriving on set. Directors, editors, even the guys that drive the transportation vans would ask about our phantom male counterparts. When 'Reincarnation' started to run we were interviewed by trade publications, and the first question always seemed to be, 'How did two women end up working together on a car account?' We'd just shrug and say, 'Dunno.' As far as we know, women have had the right to drive for some time now. Is car advertising still mostly a guys-only category, second only to beer accounts?" she adds somewhat rhetorically. "But, unlike downing a case of tallboys, driving is something that women do every day. So why aren't there more women working on cars? We know there are plenty of chick teams on cosmetics, women's apparel and tampons, but are we the only ones working on a car account?" Any other women doing cars, please write [email protected], we're looking to form a support group. Likewise any men working on tampons.
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