Two For the Future

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An inspirational poster from SoHo's Suka & Friends Design has been making the rounds in New York, both via e-mail and on the streets. The poster - designed by Suka's Gwen Haberman and written by freelancer Steve Susi - shows columns of text in the form of the World Trade Center towers and carries the message that Americans are still standing "side by side." According to Suka president Susan Karlin, the idea came after she read a call from the AIGA for the design community to put its skills to work in the wake of the disaster. "Walking home Thursday, I saw somebody handing out a poster, and I thought, We've got to do a poster right away," she says. "We printed up 2,000, but I see now it should have been 10,000." Suka staffers passed out the broadsheets to police, fire and other rescue personnel, and Karlin says she's getting a lot of requests for additional copies. "It's so uplifting. Right now we feel so excited as a company to do something, to move people, because that's what we do. It feels like the best project we've ever done."
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