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Crossroads Films' Mark Pellington makes another notch in his directorial post with Cold Case, a pilot that CBS has picked up for the fall, to air Sundays at 8 p.m. Executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the show stars Kathryn Morris (of Minority Report) as a Philadelphia detective who investigates unsolved homicide cases from the past. The pilot bears Pellington's eclectic and energetic visual style, demonstrating an array of filmic techniques to illustrate various time warps that occur throughout the episodes. "The thing about every episode is that you go back into the past to investigate," Pellington explains. "Every flashback is unique to the crimes of the time."

In the pilot, a woman recounts the 1976 murder of her teenage friend via scenes Pellington shot in 16mm reversal, infusing the memories with a '70s documentary feel (pictured). The recollections are juxtaposed with a more controlled, desaturated cinematic look of scenes from the present. Pellington will stay on as consulting producer and is currently checking out directors for future episodes. Has anyone surfaced from the spots fray? "We haven't chosen any yet, but Bruckheimer's a big one for giving opportunities to people coming out of the commercials world," Pellington notes. "If there were anybody that would take a chance on somebody who's never done a TV show, it would be him."

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