Guaranteed Funnier Than Fried Green Tomatoes

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MJZ's Kuntz & Maguire (right) will be taking their funny business to the big screen. Last month the directing duo signed to direct a movie based on news lampoon weekly The Onion, to be produced by Zucker-Netter, whose founders were behind sendups like Airplane!, The Kentucky Fried Movie and The Naked Gun. The pair is currently reworking the script and by March will go into full production, leaving them out of commission on spots for eight months. The only details co-helmer Maguire reveals about the flick are that "It's going to feel a lot like the newspaper. It's going to be a very funny movie; the hope is to translate the piss-your-pants experience that you get out of reading the paper into a film." However wet and wild it turns out, the directors are serious about remaining true to the satirical pub's spirit. "You can say you want to make millions; you can say you want to appeal to the masses; but the only people who are in our crosshairs are those who are zealots of The Onion," Maguire asserts. "Our main goal is to have guys who really love the publication love the movie." So far, they seem to be on the right track - one of the major hurdles to getting the job was to earn the approval of some of the paper's key staff. "The mere fact that we have the guys who write The Onion behind us allows us to sleep deeply at night," Maguire notes.
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