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The Ungar Group in Chicago has taken to TV with a pair of very unusual self-promotional campaigns. One spot opens with a kitten playing with red string. Schmaltzy music plays in the background. "Advertising should be simple," a female VO says. "Surprising." A hand is seen loading the chambers of a revolver. "Involving." The kitten pulls the barrel into its mouth. "Is yours?" The spot slams closed on the Ungar logo and phone number. "What we're doing is preselecting the people we would work with," says CD Tom Ungar. "If they don't like this, it's doubtful they would like our ideas or solutions." Ungar's other campaign took the strangely aggressive approach of targeting specific clients he'd like to represent; namely the heads of Coca-Cola, Domino's Pizza, Procter & Gamble, Miller Brewing, Anheuser-Busch and PepsiCo. The six spots, which are running in each company's home city, address the chief marketing officers directly through a pseudo presentation telling them how The Ungar Group would increase their sales. "The experience of seeing your name in a commercial is supposed to be sort of surreal and spooky," Ungar chuckles.
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