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The artistic events surrounding MTV's most recent Video Music Awards were probably more interesting than the show itself. First there were David LaChapelle's crazy, cluttered photos promoting the VMAs; then there was an exhibition called "Moonlighting: The MTV Moonman Takes on All New Roles," which first appeared in New York's Grand Central Terminal, then moved on to the Art Directors Club last month. "Moonlighting" is an MTV project in association with the School of Visual Art's 3-D design program, chaired by Kevin

O'Callaghan, who curated the exhibition and is also the designer of the MTV Movie Awards' Golden Popcorn statuette. SVA 3-D design students and alumni were charged with creatively reinventing the Moonman as various household products and appliances, ranging from a meat grinder to a waffle maker. Once again, "MTV wanted to have fun with its own image," says O'Callaghan. "We're playing with a lofty, respected icon and we're doing something pretty irreverent with it - turning it into things that aren't at all lofty." We don't know quite how lofty it was to begin with, but O'Callaghan himself contributed a 24-foot "Nutcracker" Moonman, seen here. He's no stranger to repurposing objects, which he likes to call " 'nexting' - taking a common object to the next level." He's organized a show of abandoned Yugos that became such oddities as a small movie theater and a confessional; last year he mounted "The Next Best . . . Ding!," which recycled old typewriters into preposterous blenders, blowdryers and vacuums. As for the MTV exhibition, "we've had a great response and there's talk about taking the show on tour," he enthuses. So save your big nuts.

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