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Subscribers to the Brit trade weekly Campaign were in for a surprise last month when they went to open the magazine - and couldn't. The center-spread, featuring pop tart Kylie Minogue, had been salaciously splattered with glue, courtesy of London's M&C Saatchi. The glue, dribbled across Kylie's neck and decolletage, was meant to illustrate the tag, "Kylie came first"; a line from a lingerie cinema spot, from the British agency CDP Travisually, which stars Kylie on a bronco, taunting the audience to "outlast" her. (At the end of the spot, Kylie surveys the spectators for telltale markings). This bit of lewdness won a Golden Elephant Award in January from Carlton Screen, a media company that recognizes outstanding cinema advertising every other month. The tacky Saatchi spread was a promo for the Elephants and Carlton Screen. CD and Elephant judge Alan Jarvie insists that he had only the best intentions in mind when conceiving the stunt. "We just thought, Wouldn't it be nice to use glue to stick the pages together?"

M&C Saatchi is on a rude roll, with three print ads for Cosmopolitan that seem to dare the Advertising Standards Authority to intervene. In addition to the Freudian purse seen here, a second ad features a woman's torso dripping suggestively with white sunscreen, and another features a lipstick-cum-vibrator. Although the ads are slated to break this month to coincide with the magazine's 30th anniversary, "There is some sensitivity" among government censors, says an agency spokeswoman.

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