Making the Case for Minder

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Creative Management Partners co-founder Tim Case (above) has announced that he's shuttering CMP's commercials representation division and devoting all of his time to Minder, a sales, management and production company that opens its doors with one client: renegade British director Tony Kaye. Kaye, once rated by many to be the best director in the industry, experienced career implosion after a public battle with New Line Cinema over control of his 1998 feature debut, American History X, and the more recent mishandling of spot financials through his own production company. Kaye signed on with Case in 2000; Minder, which takes its name from British slang for "bodyguard," launched shortly thereafter to handle the business side of Kaye's shoots. Since the new arrangement has been in place, Kaye has shot campaigns for clients ranging from Rogaine to Sears, with work on the horizon for Heineken and Bermuda Tourism. But there's more. "I want to build a production company like [London's] Gorgeous, but I joke that it's going to be Gorgeous on steroids," says Case. "Because it's America, it's going to be a much bigger business." Case says Minder will eventually have four partners: himself, co-founder/exec producer Kent Eby, and producers in Chicago and L.A., to be named. Case is also looking to sign three more established directors, for an even director/producer matchup. "The real thing directors I'm talking to are looking for is sales and management," Case says. "I see myself not as a production company, but as a management company."
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