Nature's Ad Space

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With ads now covering almost every surface imaginable, one New York agency has claimed what we can only hope is the last untapped expanse: the heads of bald men. BaldBoards (see is a new division of The Concept Farm that transforms hairless men into marketing ploys, using stencils and paint. First to bring their brand to a head was ESPN, on behalf of its professional bowling coverage. Shown here is a happy human bowling ball, replete with three-dimensional finger holes, interacting with the crowd at a recent tournament. With bowling promos planned through March, BaldBoards is also courting business from Spalding and Wilson for next year's U.S. Open. The division was the brainchild of The Farm's "folicularly challenged" creative director, Gregg Wasiak. "It was one of those instances when 'Wouldn't this be funny?' morphed into, 'Hey, this could actually work!' " says Wasiak. But not just any hairless guy can get a gig like this. "Baldboard models appear on national television, so we have to make sure they're responsible citizens," says Wasiak. "We don't want them flashing other parts of their bodies."
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