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Brooklyn-based fine-artist Nancy Drew is showing her "Water Series" of paintings at a local gallery later this month - 100 interpretations of bottled water labels, grounded by a theme the thirtysomething Drew calls "Vegas Aesthetic," which encompasses everything from MTV to, well, Vegas, "typified by the gilt-edged essence of status and blind consumption," she says. "It hardly seems worth continuing the pursuit of painting along contemporary classical lines - our culture is so inundated with images solely designed for promotion and profit. And water, of all things, is the most absurd element to be used in this context. What better than to reflect our everyday contemporary life, with its plethora of graphic advertisements and media images?" If this sounds like a political thing, it probably is. A year ago, Drew began collecting water bottle labels (seen here is her take on Sparkletts), initially interested in their graphic design qualities, which, as she notes, "tend to convey banal depictions of simple purity and unspoiled landscapes." But as her collection grew she got into the social implications of marketing water. "Water is the next hot topic," she insists. "After oil, wars will be fought over water. To be able to accept these images I paint as 'art,' as reflections of the world we live in - contemporary still lifes, if you will - to see them as a mirror of our empty culture beckoning back to us . . . what could be more relevant than that?" The show opens Oct. 29 at Superfine in Brooklyn's DUMBO area. Bring your own Evian.
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