Scott Vincent Tastes the Difference

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Hungry Man director Scott Vincent has busted into comedy TV, in the services of funnyman and deodorant hawker Dave Chappelle. Vincent's reel happened to fall into the hands of folks at Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show and in no time at all he found himself shooting skits for the program. Not coincidentally, his segments have consisted mostly of commercials parodies; seen below are frames from "Wu-Tang Financial" and "Redman Toilet Cleaner." Vincent's no stranger to the lampoon, considering the fact that some of his "serious" spots have spoofed TV shows, commercials and even amateur porn. Nevertheless, "TV's different," he came to realize after directing about a dozen segments for Chappelle's Show. "In advertising, you're scrutinizing the color of someone's socks for a day and a half. TV's a whole different mindset and you shoot whatever happens to be there. It's really fun, because you just move faster and things get solved through momentum, not by standing still and talking about something for too long. Things sort themselves out." The work has also given him a better perspective on humor. In fact, he had a genuine comedic epiphany: "If something's funny, it will be funny. If it isn't, no matter what you do, it won't be funny." Wow. That's heavy.
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