But Will They Sell Candles?

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Global brand communications company Attik continues to spread its style and strategy across a wide range of design disciplines. Case in point: Madame Tussaud's New York Wax Museum, in Times Square. Last summer, Attik did a winning window display for the ultra high-traffic location - the company claims 2 million passersby a day - which featured a gold-framed Whoopi Goldberg, Plexiglas lightboxes and a morphing video (above, left, in which James Brown is nearing his melting point), bringing celebs to life on vibrant orange and purple backgrounds, Tussaud's signature colors. Now the firm has completed the design of Tussaud's new retail store, including a merchandising line. "Our aim with the store was to ensure it not only has the same brand values as the attraction - exciting, emotionally charged and quality crafted - but it would be as engaging as the rest of the museum," says Attik's co-founder and CEO James Sommerville. Hence wax figures positioned in the store itself, keeping unwary shoppers on their toes. The retail concept is based on zoned areas, each carrying a theme; Marilyn Monroe, for example, takes center stage in the Celebrity Zone. But having likenesses of living celebs around can be a bit disconcerting. "The element of surprise and the high level of interaction in the store are key," says Sommerville. "Shoppers can turn a corner and think they're face to face with Rudolph Giuliani, when in fact it is his wax doppelganger." This is in the New York zone; Woody Allen may also be around, so don't bump into him, he's very litigious.
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