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Tony Verderosa, 35, a founder, executive producer and composer at New York music house Thwak!, is also a performing solo musician - which might not seem such a big deal in itself, but for the fact he plays drums. Though not just any drums; "live electronica" drums, which makes Verderosa, who also goes by the techno stage name VFX, a one-man band. He wowed 'em at Joe's Pub in New York last month, as well as at an ad music seminar at Y&R, where he demonstrated his ability to score a commercial on the fly in real time. "In my live show, I tend to do a lot of 'mashups' - merging, layering and juxtaposing lots of seemingly unrelated samples and grooves in a constant barrage of triggered samples and SFX/sound design," Verderosa explains. This provides for "a healthy amount of shock value, which seems to really resonate with audiences. People never get to see someone striking and playing electronic music elements - like breakbeats, loop fragments, vocal samples, guitar samples and analog synth bass lines - in a traditional live-music setting." With his heavily Midi-fied kit, Verderosa says he can "perform 30 to 40 different remixes on the spot, depending on what mood I'm in or what the client's needs are. I try to bring a live-performance element to musical styles that are usually hidden in a sequencer or trapped inside a vinyl record. I want to put a human face and a human feel on electronically-based music." Right now, Verderosa is on a roll, so to speak, with three drum instruction books and videos coming out, as well as a solo CD.
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