Nothing to Sneeze At

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Online grocer FreshDirect and New Orleans up-and-coming comedy shop Trumpet Advertising rule the salad bar with a hilarious new TV spot. A woman leans way over to smell a bowl of olives in a supermarket. She inhales deeply and somehow snorts a green olive into her nostril so it's only halfway visible. She has trouble removing it, and finally is forced to resort to a nose rocket, firing the olive back into the bowl with a blast of exhale. Super: "Where's your food been?" Was the casting call as much fun as we suspect? "I think it says something about the state of the economy when you have 25 grown women competing for a chance to honk an olive out of their nose for less than scale," says Trumpet's Pat McGuinness. "The budget was so tight we had to use the same olive for casting and the shoot."

Client: FreshDirect Agency: Trumpet Advertising CD/CW: Robbie Vitrano CD/AD: Pat McGuinness Agency Producer: Debbie Koppman Director: Brian Bain/Morrison Productions Editor: Kyle Curry/Storyville

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