The Wurst Film Ever?

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Fallon's certifiable Swedish-import creative team, Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom, who recently transferred to the shop's New York office, have made a hilarious mock-doc called Salami Fight Association, about a meat-infested underground martial arts circle. "It's an homage to things we feel have been a bit neglected lately - meat products and karate," explains Malmstrom with a sort of inscrutable sincerity. "We needed to combine those two." Helmed by like-minded Villains director Douglas Avery, the eight-minute film (frames seen here) observes the fight patterns of pasty Bjorn and Jon, respective master and disciple of the "meat-ial" arts. "It's all built on one major insight: food not only gives life, it can also kill," says Karlsson. "A lot of the philosophy you find in the symbolism of the different meats is built upon that fact." Three forms of meat make up the metaphorical plate: the bacon that swings from the fighters' belts represents protection; the fighters lash at each other with links of salami, which stand for force; and meatballs (Swedish, of course), which they eat and wear around their necks, are a symbol of unity. The film was actually shot a year and a half ago, but it debuted earlier this month at the Music Video Production Association's Director's Cuts Festival, known for showcasing Charles Stone III's True short, which catapulted Bud into the "Whassup?" era. But the Swedes insist they wanted to keep their film under wraps. "Between the three of us, we swore to secrecy that this would never come out because it was too much for the public," deadpans Malmstrom. "But it slipped out; it must be Douglas' fault, so we're going to kick his ass after this." Dude, beware the salami.
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