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The Buzz is wondering whether gamer geeks can do for a DVD release-namely, make it a success-what they couldn't do for its feature-film release.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment hopes they can, and has partnered with Cingular Wireless and gamer-magazine publisher Future Network USA this week to launch "The Chronicles of Riddick" on DVD. The movie, a follow up to "Pitch Black" and starring Vin Diesel, Thandie Newton and Dame Judi Dench, was released in June and pulled in about $112 million worldwide, less than the estimated $140 million it cost to produce and market, according to Box Office Mojo.

Even so, it spoke to gamers, a young-male influencer crowd coveted by marketers. The partners have invited more than 250,000 video gamers to Los Angeles' CityWalk via magazine ads, text messages and direct mail. The event-part screening, part sci-fi convention-will feature costumed characters, movie-set pieces and writer/director David Twohy.

Cingular will showcase the newest gaming and video phones "to build awareness and show them that we support their hobbies," says Millar Freeman, Cingular's senior marketing manager.

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