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Ted Turner may still be a major business figure, but he can get a laugh with the best of Vegas acts.

Speaking to an audience at the National Association of Television Programming Executives at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay convention center last week, Mr. Turner said he was against all war, citing his heroes as Martin Luther King and Ghandi, though he admitted that in his younger days he yearned to go to war as a fighter pilot. He described himself as someone who had wanted to be like Alexander the Great, "though not the one in the movie," referring to Colin Farrell.

When asked if he would ever run for president, he responded that he had thought about it in previous years, but said he'd be 70 by 2008 and too worn out. "Maybe next time around," he joked.

Ever the marketer, Mr. Turner didn't pass up the chance to sell the audience on the nutritional benefits of bison meat-his chain, Ted's Montana Grill, specializes in bison. "Its 50% less cholesterol than a hamburger," he said sounding a little like fitness guru and ex-wife, Jane Fonda. Read more: QwikFIND aaq27j

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