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So here at the Buzz we love as much as anyone else the guilty pleasure of Star and Us Weekly showing us celebs keeping it real. But lately it seems Hollywood has found a way to reassert its own version of reality, with celebs and former celebs doing their own version of true confessions. Showtime rolled out Kirstie Alley's "Fat Actress," a quasi-real look at Kirstie's weight gain and career mishaps. But for real baring of the soul, and body, you need to surf the Web. There you can find Rosie O'Donnell's blog, Formerlyrosie, (found at the heart-wrenchingly named, where her stream-of-consciousness entries cover everything from her shrink ("she is tiny, size two, Amy Irving-Jewish beautiful"), Alley ("she still giggles like a skinny girl") and Iraq ("no, you cannot have our sons and daughters"). On his popular blog, former child star Wil Wheaton tells us relegating him to status as a former child star is declaring his career over, which it is not. Of course, it's a given that Hollywood doesn't let an opportunity for self-promotion go by- thus, we find Zach Braff's blog on the making of "Garden State" and Matthew McConaughey's blog written during the cross country tour for "Sahara." Up next: ghost bloggers.
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