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Certain events just refuse to play out like we are living in the 21st century, which the Buzz finds oddly comforting and annoying at the same time. What with all the VOD, IM and texting capabilities around, not to mention e-mail and cellphones and the never-out-of-date approach of putting an official press release sent out over the wires for the blogs to post before MSM (that's mainstream media), it seems that the masses, not to mention TV anchors, would be able to find out as soon as a new pope was picked. Instead, we had the pure pleasure of watching news pros such as ABC's Charlie Gibson, CNN's Wolf Blitzer, CBS's Bob Schieffer and NBC's Brian Williams all trying to fill the awkward moments of airtime between the first puff of smoke from the Vatican chimney, (helpfully pictured via video feeds labeled the Vatican ChimneyCam and the SmokeCam) and the ringing of the bells which, by tradition, signal a new pope has been elected. The reason for the awkwardness? Much debate as to whether the smoke was black (meaning no pope yet) or white (meaning we are ready for a pope party). Those who got it right away include the Italian media, and encyclopedia site Wikipedia, one of the first to post an item on Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger getting the nod.
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