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As with Farrah, as with Anna Nicole Smith, as with Britney Spears, the news that Bravo will air a reality show based around The New York Daily News fills one with an instant sense of "Oh. Of course." There is a fascination, still, with the very-old-school medium of newspapers. The daily dramas! The newsroom romances! The front-row seat to history, etc. ... excuse us, this just in: ... excuse us, this just in: "Newsies," the misbegotten 1992 movie-musical about New York dailies at the turn of last century, cost $15 million and grossed $2.9 million, according to

Still, on TV reality (or carefully mediated reality) is everything; and what deals more with day-to-day reality (or carefully mediated reality) than a daily paper? One pitfall: the-how do we say this?-not-ready-for-broadcast status of the vast majority of print journalists, as a Buzz pal who dealt with one daily's TV-dabblings concluded. (Picture what a city tabloid newsroom looked like just a generation ago, when you could still smoke at your desk.) Of course, the "vast majority" is not "everyone"; soon we'll see if "vast majority" covers Daily News reporters Russ Buettner, Chrisena Coleman, Frank Isola, gossip columnists George Rush and Joanna Molloy and Editorial Director-Deputy Publisher Martin Dunn, all of whom play key roles in the series' pilot. Accordingly, Dunn, wisely, pre-deprecates his future screen appearances. "There are some great things about appearing on TV," he muses. "But the worst is seeing how many chins you've got. In close-up."

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