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The White House Correspondents' Dinner, held April 30 at the Washington Hilton, delivered the goods, such as they are: 3,000 journalists (oh, the horror) politicos and an iPod-randomized smattering of celebrity: Venus and Serena Williams, Richard Gere, um ... Jon Cryer? Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart? 2004's election-year mojo was so not working in '05.

For those wise enough to stay home: First lady Laura Bush was not that funny, but Cedric the Entertainer was not funny at all. The Buzz notes with disappointment that the public-drunkenness aspect was waaaay down from last year-but nonetheless saw, heard or sort-of-hear enough dirt to wax Page Six-style in blind itemese.

So: WHICH Hollywood figure is becoming way too much of a fixture on the party circuit, and WHO is the rakish celebrity journalist he joined for some serious shot-downing at a previous event? For that matter, WHICH star pundit similarly slammed shots at the after-party with WHICH congresswoman? And WHICH member of WHICH news organization broke up half the cavernous banquet hall by bellowing "suck up!" at Knight Ridder reporter Ron Hutcheson when Mr. Hutcheson thanked his bosses from the podium? WHICH attendee nostalgically recalled, a, um, substance-ful after-after party from a long-gone WHCD, generously hosted by WHICH entertainment figure, who'd yet to go through rehab? The Buzz knows. Barely. (For more on the White House Correspondents' Dinner, QwikFIND aaq53e.)

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