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Maer Roshan finally got the phone call he was dreaming of last May, just as Con Ed was about to turn off his power. Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News and once part of a quixotic group of investors looking to buy New York Magazine, rang up to say he would back the on-again, off-again Radar. (Thank goodness too, or's editors would have to look much further afield for material.) So here comes the first of what we are promised will be many editions of Radar. This first cover, or rather third, (or whatever it is, we can't keep track of the inaugural issues anymore) features everyone's two favorite most articulate people, George W. and Paris Hilton. Right under their mugs, quite satisfyingly, is a cover line that reads "How to be famous for doing nothing at all." The Buzz can't help thinking this is Maer's idea of an in- joke, `cause for a man who's been at the helm of the most famous nonexistent magazine for the past two years, this is a pretty ballsy line. The magazine's love affair with Paris Hilton also worries us. We counted five photos of the heiress, as well as a reference to her in Radar's own ad. Here's hoping the next issue-and we're assuming there will be a next one given the likes of Calvin Klein, Guess, Baby Phat, Altoids and as advertisers-will be a Paris-free zone.
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