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Tag, you're it.

Time goes underground? For the latest iteration of its "Red Border" campaign from Fallon- remember that clever West Side Highway election pendulum?-it tapped graffiti artist Cope2 to tag his name on a board at the New York street corner of Houston and Wooster. (Check out to read about his exploits painting the No. 4 train.) The billboard, inspired by the Brooklyn Museum's Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective (Basquiat being the godfather of graffiti-as-art form), will soon boast more graffiti and then questions-Post-Modernism? Neo-Expressionism? Just Vandalism?-with the tagline, "Time. Know Why."

And while the board's likely eliciting a bunch of "how the ...?" from passers-by, graffiti advertising's not that new. It's news, however, when Time, one of the most mainstream of media, is using it. Dennis Roche, president of New York-based Zoom Media, which has been leasing and tagging building exteriors for three years, says even though graffiti's becoming more popular, it's not yet conventional. "The day I see it in the suburbs driving around my minivan is the day it's gone mainstream," he says.

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