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Radar now has proof that it's selling and is ready to share. Reps for Maer Roshan's pop-culture title said the first issue since it relaunched last spring sold 71,000 copies and about 34% of the copies put on racks. Its second issue, published in August, seems to be selling about as well.

The spring issue, whose cover showed a photo illustration of President Bush giving Paris Hilton a medal to illustrate people who are famous for doing nothing, arrived last May accompanied by generous portions of both buzz and skepticism. Doubters fed largely on the fate of Radar's first life, cut short in 2003 after two issues despite much more ambitious plans, which included publishing 18 times a year.

Among others, has relentlessly mocked the magazine (whose return it facetiously called "The Greatest American Magazine Launch"), to the point that Gawker owner Nick Denton caught a pie in the face at Radar's launch party in May.

When Radar said in July that its new debut issue was selling out all over the country, Gawker tried to disprove the point by posting photographs of copies still on the racks. Execs later said they had meant that many retailers had sold their initial orders and requested more.

Radar has a rate base-paid circulation guaranteed to advertisers-of 150,000 copies. It plans two more issues this year, the next one to picture Angelina Jolie on the cover, and increased frequency in 2006.

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