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First there was blog. Then came vlog. Now meet splog.

Just when marketers are discovering blogs as marketing tools, spammers have taken over. Splogs, short for spam blogs, are fake, often nonsensical blogs set up through free blogging services to lure eyeballs to online ads. Splogs are also a way to rejigger a site's ranking, since Yahoo, Google and Microsoft base their lists of top Web sites on how many others link to it, and splogs often are just a series of things linking readers back to the site the splog is promoting. And they're gumming up blog search systems, making real blogs harder to find.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has personally adopted the cause, writing two months ago on, "anything that has ever been spammed about is spammed in monstrous proportions in the blogosphere because it's so easy to do." (Go to a blog search site and type in "Cialis.")

Last week Cuban attacked again with a post titled "Get Your Blogspot Shit Together Google" ( 1234000717063627/). Apparently, over the weekend, a hacker wrote script that created on Google's tens of thousands of blogs with millions of posts. Hey, we're with you, Cuban-the Buzz thinks the blogosphere's daunting enough already.

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