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Former Esquire cover maven George Lois recently tore into today's magazines, charging that newsstands overflow with look-alike, butt-kissing covers. Rolling Stone, it turns out, plans to break the mold. Wenner Media will make use of spectacular lenticular technology-that's 3-D minus the funky glasses-on the front and back covers of its 1,000th issue next May at a cost of about $2 million. That 3-D back cover is available for one big-spending advertiser, for, um $2 mil.

The technology will be familiar to anyone who's ever held an ostensibly 3-D postcard up and tried to find the best angle to produce the illusion of depth. But those were the cheap executions. The Rolling Stone promo to sell the idea to advertisers (pictured above in a less-than spectacular fashion) displays at least eight layers. (Trust us-it really, really works.)

"The people who use the technology, which is everyone from little hand-out advertisers to games and all sorts of others, are mostly fairly cost-conscious and so they do it in the least expensive way," said Kent Brownridge, senior VP-general manager, Wenner. "If you blow it out, if you do it the right way, you can get amazing depth."

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