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What it is: The irreverent, insiders-guide-to-the-tech-world blog began as an online daily posting from the San Jose Mercury News almost 10 years ago. Readers love the wit and cynicism delivered daily by John Paczkowski (since 1999), who has been called "the Jon Stewart of tech." The newsletter and blog is a fairly solitary venture as Mr. Paczkowski is "aided and abetted" only by copy editor John Murrell. The Web site recently changed to a blog format and added RSS delivery, causing readership to jump.

The numbers: 100,000 subscribers

Who reads it: Initially sporting a mainly Silicon Valley and tech-centric audience, Mr. Paczkowski is now constantly amazed at the current variety of readers, stretching from stay-at-home moms to C-level executives of decidedly non-techie companies. Still, developer-types tend to be the biggest fans, reveling in the straight talk that's still slightly heavy on the tech-speak in abbreviations and terminology.

Popular staples: "Quoted" which is a ridiculous or perplexing, but always amusing comment made about or by tech heavyweights. Example: "I have a lot of trouble with your remote controls. Too many arrows," Queen Elizabeth tells Sony's new CEO Howard Stringer.

"Off Topic": Likely started way back when the "Ally McBeal" dancing baby began popping up on work computers around the country. GMSV examples: FedEx furniture (; A parody of the Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. commercial (; What I Would Be Thinking If I Were Billy Joel Driving Toward a Holiday Party Where I Knew There Was Going To Be a Piano (

Why it matters: "It's a pretty good insider view about what's important to the tech community and if you're trying to reach that community, it's a way to `get your indie cred,"' Mr. Paczkowski said.

Who gets zinged: Everyone. "We take potshots at everyone, it's equal opportunity," Mr. Paczkowski said, only half joking. "And really, it's all in good fun."

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