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WHAT IT IS: A video-on-demand service aimed at young males and launching on Oct. 28 on "22 million screens," according to its founders. A taste of the new channel can be seen at, where visitors will be treated to a promotional presentation from a smoking and swearing robot. The service attracted 3.2 million views during trials on Comcast which ran in July and August.

WHO's Behind IT: The service was created by Ripe Digital Entertainment CEO Ryan Magnussen and President Patrick Bradley, two advertising industry veterans, who ran digital agency Zentropy Partners before it was folded into Interpublic Group in Cos. during the millennium heydays of the Web. Ripe is the first of a number of VOD channels the company has in the hopper.

WHY YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT: The cross-platform video-on-demand service will run on online broadband via partners MSN and and Comcast's cable VOD platform and on cellphones or Sprint and Mobi TV. But its most important selling point is that viewers can't skip the ads. "They're baked in," says Mr. Magnussen who explains the firm is patenting a new technology called "Immersive Advertising," which allows viewers to see logos even when they fast-forward content.

WHO's ON BOARD: In early October, magazines-to-TV-station company Hearst-Argyle made a $5 million investment in the service and promised to help Ripe Digital Entertainment with advertising and distribution. Ripe TV also has a deal with VOD measurement firm Rentrak to provide marketers with measurement data, including total views by day, month and set-top box identification.

ANY MARKETERS MADE A COMMITMENT YET? Procter & Gamble brand Old Spice is already in, as is Boost Mobile, Dodge and Midway Games. Ripe pitched agencies on a "Google-style" model of paying per click and will keep them updated via daily data streams provided by Rentrak from Comcast.

WHAT'S ON IT: Dubbed by the firm as "ADD-TV," programs run anywhere between four and eight minutes with 40% of the content made specifically for the platform. Content-wise, look for lots of scantily clad women, in "Bikini World," to young guys indulging in extreme sports along with plenty of flash animation.

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