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March 18-19, 2008
Time and Life Building
1271 Ave of the Americas
8th Floor Auditorium
New York, NY
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Ad Age Digital Marketing Conference 2008

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For information on the 2009 Digital Conference, please visit www.adage.com/digital2009

As the digital revolution continues to rage on, the range of options available to marketers is expanding so quickly that what's hot today is often yesterday's news. Ad Age's Digital Marketing Conference brings this technology down-to-earth with compelling dialogues and case studies from prestigious speakers and panelists who are the thought-leaders in the field of digital marketing. Join us for THE must attend digital event of the year!

Agenda and Speakers *

Day One - Tuesday, March 18

8:30 Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:45 Welcome Remarks

10:00 Brands as Content Creators
The web makes it easier for everyone to become a content creator and distributor—and that includes marketers. This panel will explore some of the opportunities and challenges behind that, where it fits in a marketing strategy, how marketers and agencies handle production, and what kind of results to expect from branded online content.

Moderator: Claude Brodesser-Akner, Bureau Chief, Los Angeles, Advertising Age

Confirmed Panelists:
Frank Cooper, VP of Marketing, Pepsi-Cola North America
Mike Geiger, Director of Interactive Production, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners
Mitchell Kanner, CEO and Founder, 2 Degrees Ventures
Doug Scott, Sr. Partner & Executive Director, Ogilvy Entertainment, Ogilvy North America

11:00 Coffee Break, Sponsored by Tremor Media

11:20 Digital Short/Creative Case Study
Pete Caban, CEO, Head of Digital, Mekanism

11:30 Talking Talent
There's a new crop of stars in town who've grown their celebrity via MySpace pages, YouTube channels and videos gone viral. And now, of course, they're celebrity spokespeople.

Moderator: John Battelle, Founder/Chairman/CEO, Federated Media

Confirmed Panelists:
• Nathan Coyle, Digital Agent, Creative Artists Agency
Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus
Robert B. Stone, Director of Interactive & Emerging Media, Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
Damon Wayans, Founder, WayoutTV.com

12:15 - 2pm Networking Lunch

2:00 Screens, Screens Everywhere
Does it seem like you can't go anywhere without encountering a new kind of digital screen? From the subways to the airports, gas stations to pharmacies, your cell phone to the cinema, screens are everywhere. How are marketers using these sight-sound-motion opportunities in non-traditional ways to reach customers? What are the creative challenges behind so many screens of so many sizes? And how can they possibly be measured?

Moderator: Brian Steinberg, Television Editor, Advertising Age

Confirmed Panelists:
Suzanne Alecia, President, Out-Of-Home Video Advertising Bureau, Inc. (OVAB)
Mark Beeching, Chief Creative Officer, Digitas
Jason Brown, President of Sales & Marketing, IdeaCast
Chris Gagen, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Posterscope USA
John Harrobin, SVP-Marketing and Digital Media, Verizon

2:55 Making Money on Online Video
It used to be so easy--one 30-second spot and you're done. But online, video ad models are moving from one of interruption to invitation, they're both linear and non-linear and the rules are being written right now. Hear how several different web players are approaching the online video monetization challenge and how those holding the purse strings are making their decisions.

Moderator: Vince Thompson, Managing Partner, Middleshift LLC

Confirmed Panelists:
Jean-Paul Colaco, SVP of Advertising, Hulu
Eric Hadley, Chief Marketing Officer, Heavy.com
Eric Johnson, EVP, Multimedia Sales, ESPN Customer Marketing and Sales
Christine Peterson, New York Media Director, Carat
Amanda Richman, SVP, Director of Digital Services, MediaVest

3:45 Coffee Break, Sponsored by Tremor Media

4:00 Networks Redux: Content distribution in a digital age
We're in the age of audience 2.0. With virtually infinite choice for media, the challenge for networks and content creators and, thus, advertisers, is now to attract an audience with scale. Or, does scale really matter? What are smart networks doing to find eyeballs for advertisers? Does the value change for an advertiser, depending on the environment in which content resides? How are distribution rights evolving and are release windows collapsing?

Moderator: Mike Vorhaus, SVP and Managing Director, Frank N. Magid Associates

Confirmed Panelists:
Dan Goodman, President, MRC, Digital
Patrick Keane, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, CBS Interactive
Rob Norman, CEO, GroupM Interaction Worldwide
Herb Scannell, CEO, Next New Networks

4:45 Digital Short/Creative Case Study
Kevin Slavin, Managing Director and co-Founder, Area/Code

5:00 Wrap Up

5:00 - 6:00 Cocktails to follow, Sponsored by Heavy.com

Day Two - Wednesday, March 19

8:30 Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:20 Opening Remarks

9:20 A Conversation with Jeff Zucker, President and CEO, NBC Universal and Donny Deutsch, Host of "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" and Chairman, Deutsch Inc.

10:05 Digital Short/Creative Case Study
GPS and Mapping technologies: A new route that marketers can take to create useful and engaging campaigns.
John Mayo Smith, EVP, Chief Technology Officer, R/GA
Mapping technologies and GPS are rapidly being adopted by your customers to find routes, get directions, and in the future, maybe even "advice" on where to go and what to buy. John will discuss three exciting technologies that will help your brand get on the right path to success.

10:15 Retail in Detail: Where the digital world meets the physical world
Retail, perhaps more than any other industry, is the place where digital media and physical experiences have the opportunity to intersect. From retailers using social network sites to create communities of advocates and suss out their biggest fans to online webisodes and content sites to in-store technologies that let shoppers virtually try on clothing--and then MMS friends for an instant yay or nay, the creativity bar has been raised for retailers and the marketers whose products stock the shelves.

Moderator: Natalie Zmuda, Reporter, Advertising Age

Confirmed Panelists:
Jerry Courtney, Group Manager, Corporate Multimedia, Target
Kevin Ertell, Vice President, E-Business, Borders Group Inc
Trevor Kaufman, CEO, Schematic
Tom Nicholson, CEO, Icon Nicholson

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Digital Short/Creative Case Study
Love change? Experimentation & Evolution with HP
Hashem Bajwa, Digital Planning Director, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners Everyone talks about change, new media & digital. But what does that really look like in practice? Its never as perfect as some case studies suggest. Goodby's hybrid creative/strategy director Hashem Bajwa will share the experimentation & evolution of HP's global digital marketing -- looking at both successes and mistakes.

11:30 Making Social Media & Marketing Work
Social media and marketing is no longer an 'emerging media' buzzword, but a discipline that nearly every marketer has embraced. What tactics are smart marketers eyeing? Where does the discipline lie within an agency? What kinds of new social media models will emerge in 2008?

Moderator: Jim Nail, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony

Confirmed Panelists:
David Armano, VP, Creative, Critical Mass
Michael Barrett, EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Fox Interactive Media
Colleen Decourcy, Chief Digital Officer, TBWA Worldwide
Eric Plaskonos, Director of Brand Communications, Philips Electronics North America
Troy Young, CMO, VideoEgg

12:15 – 2pm Networking Lunch

2:00 Bruce Stewart, Vice President and General Manager, Connected Life Americas, Yahoo!

2:20 Listenomics: So you want to be a conversational marketer?
It takes two to converse -- and only one can talk at a time. The web has spawned a whole new array of tools marketers can use to mine online insights and spark positive conversation. Smart marketers are using such tactics to respond to consumer concerns, create better customer service and even guide product development.

Moderator: Pete Blackshaw, EVP of Strategic Services, Nielsen Online

Confirmed Panelists:
Rick Clancy, SVP, Corporate Communications, Sony Electronics
Tony Hsieh, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Zappos.com
Linnea Johnson, Director, Consumer Services, Unilever

3:00 Search: What advertisers need to know
Danny Sullivan, Editor in Chief, SearchEngineLand.com

3:20 Coffee Break

4:00 Digital Short/Creative Case Study
Audience Games
David Polinchock, Chief Experience Officer, Brand Experience Lab
AudienceGames utilizes a proprietary motion-capture technology to create an interactive, social, "advergame." Enthusiastic crowds control the game by rocking, and swaying in their seats. Moods are elevated and crowds are transformed into communities to create a memorable brand experience. AudienceGames takes in-cinema advertising beyond its current space and engages and transforms a previously passive audience into enraptured participants. During this interactive session, David will highlight the results of the first two campaigns from last year, discuss future opportunities for AudienceGames and even let the audience play a game for themselves!

4:10 What's Worth Your Attention in 2008?
Between the VC money flowing like water and the blogosphere's insatiable appetite for catching 'the next new thing,' it's an innovators world. But for marketers, it's hard to know where to put your efforts and what will pay off. After all, it was just a year ago that everyone was investing in Second Life.

Moderator: Steve Rubel, SVP, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital

Confirmed Panelists:
Craig Daitch, VP, Group Director of Emerging Channels, Digitas
Joshua Stylman, Managing Director, Reprise Media
Jeremy Wright, Global Director, Mobile Brand Strategy, Nokia Interactive
Mat Zucker, Executive Creative Director, Agency.com

5pm Closing/Wrap Up

*Schedule and speakers subject to change

Click here to hear Ad Age Editor, Jonah Bloom, discuss Ad Age's plans for the March on Digital issue.

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